When the streams cross

Originally posted November 21, 2016

I am a volunteer docent at a zoo.

I am also a long-time Doctor Who fan and I’ve helped a local PBS station with pledge drives for Classic Who for many years.

Today spouse and I were at the zoo presenting one of the programs we do as docents. We were chatting with the very last pair of visitors we planned to talk to before wrapping up our shift. I answered a question about snow leopard habitat. And suddenly one of the visitors said, “Aren’t you the one who does the Doctor Who pledge drives?”

It’s always kind of awkward when my disparate flavors of nerd-enthusiasm cross the streams.

(I acknowledged to him that I was indeed that person, and he said “I’ve been watching those shows for half my life.” I pushed past my reaction to the inadvertent commentary on my age and said I’m really glad I had been part of making that possible.) 

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